Forecasters Say Wilma Could Become "Major" Hurricane

The latest forecasts warn that Wilma could become a “major'' hurricane as it moves through the northwestern Caribbean.

And it's on a course to threaten the Florida coast this weekend. Forecasters say Wilma's path could take it over the same southwest coastal areas struck by Hurricane Charley last year.

But now, it's the Cayman Islands under a hurricane watch. A tropical storm warning is posted there and along the coast of Honduras. As much as six inches of rain is expected in the Caymans, southeastern Cuba, Haiti, Honduras and Jamaica with up to 12 inches possible in some areas.

The National Hurricane Center clocks Wilma's winds at 100 miles per hour. Currently a Category Two storm, Wilma could grow into a Category Three or Four by Thursday. Predictions show the storm heading into the Gulf of Mexico by Friday, then making a sharp turn toward Florida.