Franklin County Prepping for a Possible Meeting With Katrina

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The possibility of Katrina making landfall here in the Panhandle is upsetting for some residents. In Franklin County they're still trying to recover from a severe strike by Hurricane Dennis.

Some business and home owners haven't even recovered from that disaster. Roads remain rippled, buildings still bare the scars from the last tropical battering. Now a projected "Hurricane Katrina" is expected to hit the region some time over this weekend and many of those folks in Franklin County know they have no choice but to at least prepare for the next round.

Some people don't have much preparing to do.

Micheal Duhart, a store manager, says, "There's a lot of homes around here that haven't even taken off the boards off. They just leave them boarded up. After they get one hurricane, they just leave them boarded up for the rest of hurricane season."

Hurricane Katrina won't having any trouble adding insult to injury to a business trying to get back on its feet in the after math of Hurricane Dennis.

Mike, a seafood vendor, says, "Storm Dennis took all this away. We haven't had a chance to rebuild yet. We was going to rebuild so much of it, but it looks like we have another storm coming. All the wood we had we was going to have to move it to keep from losing it."

Folks here are hoping their work is not in vain.

Hurricane Dennis storm surge reached over 15 feet at times in Franklin County. It shut parts of Highway 98 down for days and no one wants to see a repeat performance from Katrina.