County Explores Land Purchase for County Office Building

The Bay County Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to move forward with a plan to select a site to build a new county government office complex.

The commission is interested in 82 acres of land on the southeast corner of State Road 77 and Baldwin Road.

Originally the owners were not interested in selling the tract of land, but now they are offering it to the county with a price tag in excess of $13 million.

Commissioner George Gainer says something has to be done. Offices are over crowded, some county clerks are working out of broom closets and the lab for taking government ID photos is actually in a shower.

Gainer told NewsChannel Seven it’s time to do something.

“We have just reached the point where we have got to do something. We can’t just sit around and wait another 15 years and hope it will take care of itself. This county is really growing and deserves a decent office complex.”

The commission voted unanimously for Gainer to meet with the landowners and begin negotiations.