Refugees Register for School

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Claude Lombard thought he had already completed his first day of school, back in New Orleans. He never that imagined weeks later he'd be starting all over again in Walton County. But with his home and school flooded, he and his family have no choice, and he's unsure how he feels about it.

Since Tuesday, Butler Elementary has enrolled 43 students who evacuated, and they expect many more to come. The registration process is simple. A form needs to be filled out, a parent or legal guardian must sign it, and all physicals or other paperwork is waived. After that, the student can begin class.

Walton County schools are accepting registration forms until the last person is helped, and they will keep these students as long as possible, knowing it could have been our area in this same situation. Students enrolled in Walton County schools also get free meals for the first 45 days.