Local Port Reopens and its Going to Be Much Busier

Hurricane Katrina closed Port Panama City. Thursday the port reopened and Katrina will make it a busier place, busier that it’s ever been in the past.

Port Panama City suffered no wind of flood damage, but was ordered closed as were a number of other ports from New Orleans, Pascagoula, Mole and Pensacola.

The shipping channel had to be checked to see if it had been filling in with silt. Thursday, the U.S. Coast Guard gave the OK for the port to reopen for most large vessels.

Local Port Director Wayne Stubbs said the damage to the ports in New Orleans and Mobile would mean a big influx of new business here.

Stubbs says the port will also begin receiving container ships for the first time in a day or two. NewsChannel Seven learned at least five ships and in the area just waiting for the port to open so they can come in.