Bay Inmates Guilty of False Imprisonment, Not Other Charges

Three Bay County Jail inmates will be sentenced on Tuesday after being convicted on charges of false imprisonment for holding three nurses hostage.

Matthew Coffin, Kevin Winslett, Kevin Nix and James Norton could've received life if convicted of kidnapping. Jurors have acquitted them of that charge as well as aggravated assault and escape.

The inmates were acquitted of all counts involving former jail guard James Hall, who was kept in a cell for two hours before being released in exchange for pizzas and cigarettes.

Two nurses also had been released before shooting erupted.

The convicted inmates each face sentences ranging from probation to five years in prison, although that time could be doubled if they are deemed habitual felony offenders.

One of the nurses and two inmates were wounded by police bullets when a sheriff's SWAT team ended the 12-hour takeover in the jail that began September 5 and ended the next morning.