Local Guardsmen Being Called to Help With Katrina's Devastation

National Guard Troops from Panama City are joining other soldiers in Mississippi and Louisiana to enforce the law.

Over 80 Guardsmen from the 3rd Battalion, 124th Infantry have their boots on the ground in southern Mississippi as part of a Florida based disaster relief task force.

Lt. Luis Sierra said, "We'd like to do anything we can to help and doing it from the National Guard perspective is just that much better."

The local soldiers plan to assist with humanitarian aid and provide security.

Kreed Howell of the National Guard told NewsChannel Seven that everyone was expected to be called up to help out.

"You can't have that much damage and be so close and not expected to be called into service."

Thirty five states are sending National Guard troops to the Gulf Coast. Over 21,000 Guardsman will be deployed to the area damaged by Hurricane Katrina.