"Double O" FCC Probe

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As a hurricane approaches land, residents who live in its path depend on the media to broadcast vital information about the storm.

The Federal Communications Commission is now investigating a local radio station for allegedly interfering with another local station during Hurricane Dennis.

It all started back in Jul, when an engineer for WPAP was driving around and noticed his signal was being jammed. He went to the station, got a device which tracked down the signal, and found out it was coming from rival station WAKT.

The engineer went into WAKT with a sheriff's deputy who proceeded to turn off a device called an exciter, basically a small transmitter, which was jamming the signal.

What makes this story more disturbing is that WPAP is the local emergency access radio station, which means in situations such as Dennis, they're suppose to be broadcasting the latest information to help save your life.

But they were unable to do so because their signal was jammed.

Newschannel 7 spoke to Double "O" Radio, owners of WAKT, and they refused to comment on the situation, but if the FCC says it was intentional, no one knows what penalty WAKT may face, because this is pretty unprecedented. It could be anywhere from a slap on the wrist to losing their broadcasting license.

WAKT has 30 days to respond to the charges from the FCC and turn over all information to the investigation.