Ethics Dismissals

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The state's ethics commission has tossed out accusations against two local politicians.

We've discovered that former Panama City Police Chief David Slusser filed a complaint with the ethics panel last year accusing current State Attorney Steve Meadows of violating the code of ethics.

The complaint says during his campaign last year State Attorney Meadows offered Slusser a job with the state attorney’s office in exchange for appearing in Meadows' political ad.

Meadows told the ethics investigators he did ask Slusser to appear in the ad but he did not offer him a job. Meadows admitted he considered Slusser for future employment because of his work while he police chief of Panama City.

The Ethics Commission said it found no probable cause that Meadows did anything wrong.

Slusser, who lost badly in his run for sheriff, is now a police chief in North Carolina and was not available for comment. Neither was Meadows.

The current mayor of Cedar Grove, Nathan Lisenby, also found himself a subject of an ethics probe. The commission reviewed charges Lisenby had several conflict of interest violations.

The town of Cedar Grove purchased a garbage truck from another city, then came to the conclusion that the vehicle was not needed.

Lisenby eventually acquired the truck for his own waste management business, Nate's Sanitation Service.

Mayor Lisenby was cleared of all charges as well. Mayor Lisenby was not available for comment.