Bill Cosby Coming To Panama City

He’s most recently been in the news for his “Call Out” sessions, in which he’s called out underprivileged people for relying on Government assistance and not helping themselves.

Now Bill Cosby is taking his show on the road and is coming to Panama City.

Cosby will be at the Gulf Coast Community College gymnasium on November first for two sessions. The first will focus on the challenges of being a foster parent and the second session with focus on community challenges.

The local non-profit group Children in Need Of Service program sponsors Cosby’s appearance here.

Eddie Tanner is one of those in charge of the event. “He is family oriented. He basically deals with families and issues that are within the family. He addresses those issues first. He checks the warning signs and that is one of the things he’s going to be talking about here in Panama City, the warning signs within your own household.”

Tickets are free. If you would like a ticket call Eddie Tanner at 785-5941.