Sex Offenders Not Welcome in Destin

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Do you know who's watching your children when you're not?

The scary truth is it could be a sex offender. But Destin’s City Council is proposing a new ordinance that will make it much harder for sex offenders to live in the area.

Larry Williges is a city council member, but his main job is being a grandfather.

That's why he's supporting the requested ordinance that will keep sex offenders 2,000 feet away from schools, day care centers and parks.

Florida law states sex offenders must be 1,000 feet away from these areas.

Destin's City Council is pushing to move that to 2,000 feet and include school bus stops as well.

The 11 sex offenders and one predator who live in Destin will not be affected if this ordinance passes, unless they move.

And even vacationers will have to register if staying for more than 14 days.

If the ordinance passes, it could go into effect as early as next month.

To find out if there are sex offenders in your area, you can log onto the Web site at

Put in a zip code, and it will show red dots where the sex offenders live, if you click on a dot, it will pull up a picture, along with their conviction and home address.

This ordinance must pass through two more meetings, the second one is open to the public.