Attorney General Visits Bay County

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Even though there can be nothing set in stone as to gas price fluctuations, one man may have the power to limit the damage.

Hurricane Wilma is already one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded. Like Katrina and Rita, it could have an effect on the gas supplies in Florida.

State officials may not have any control over the supply or the price, but they can make sure businesses don't take advantage of the situation by price gouging, and that's what bay county residents are all about.

The gas stations around town are trying to keep their prices as low as they can go, even with Wilma lurking down south, which is good news to consumers who are tired of paying unfair prices for gas.

Crist was in Bay County Thursday raising money for his gubernatorial campaign before heading to south Florida to assist with Wilma preparations. Crist says juggling his duties as state attorney general and campaign is no problem. The attorney general says he and his staff are not just watching gas stations.

They're also keeping an eye on shady contractors who might try to take advantage of hurricane victims in the weeks and months after Wilma passes.