Homes 4 Humanity

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Seventeen-year-old Bay High School senior Nevall Parker knows his way around a computer, but a request on Saturday caught him off guard.

"I was asleep at my friend’s house and his mom woke me up and was asking me, ‘can you put together this Web site’ and such like that. I was thinking about it a little still half asleep going, uh."

He hesitated because this was not going to be simple Web site.

Nevall was asked to build a database that would allow any evacuees searching for housing to find it based on posted listings nationwide, a monumental task Nevall finished in three days.

"I was like I gotta get this done. Gotta make it good, gotta make it look right."

Nevall had plenty of help putting the site together. His dad runs a Web publishing business and friends chipped in with legal and real estate advice.

"Already 12 people have signed up since Monday night."

But when it comes to building Web sites, Nevall largely taught himself and decided to put his talents to use.

"It's all about taking the time and using the skills you've been given to do the best you can."

His best could help hundreds of thousands of evacuees find a place to live.

If you're looking for a place to live or have housing or shelter to offer evacuees, go to www.homes4