Evacuee Students Welcome at Panama City/Bay County Schools

Bay County school officials are making plans to educate a large influx of young hurricane evacuees.

At least 80 students registered at Arnold High School Wednesday. Each student receives free school supplies and some personal items.

Arnold’s Junior Class is sponsoring a relief supply drive to help clothe those new students who lost everything in the storm, and the teachers are urging the new arrivals to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Principal Dr. John Haley says the doors of Arnold are open.

“We are doing all we conceivably do to lighten the load, the hardship that all of these people are experiencing. We are going to do our part as Floridians and Bay Countians. We are going to help all these people.”

Arnold High School, built at Panama City Beach only a few years ago, can accommodate 1,800 students. With the new arrivals in the last week, the school’s popular sits at 1,500.