Gasoline Shortage Still Being Felt in Northwest Florida

We might be seeing a break in the fuel shortages around here caused by Hurricane Katrina. Fuel continues to arrive at Florida ports.

But it still could be a while before the gas arrives at local gas stations.

Many of the gas stations in Northwest Florida are completely dry, but the state says there’s now more than 138 million gallons of fuel in storage or arriving at this time in port.

Johnny Brock, owner of Brock’s BP on East 6th Street downtown, says it could start causing real problems.

“My situation? I am going to be out for a while. We just don’t know how long. If it’s two or three days I might be able to handle it, but if it goes a week or more it’s going to hurt real bad.”

Brock went on to say, “ I can see some stations, being little or small business people like I am, that could go out of business because of it.”

Even though more that four to five million gallons are in panhandle ports doesn’t mean every gas station will get the fuel it needs.

State officials say the shortages could last a few more weeks. In the meantime, they are urging consumers to use the fuel wisely.