Florida Electric Generating Plants Coming Under Fire

Environmentalists and health groups are warning about the dangers of mercury pollution from power plants in Florida.

The Public Interest Research Group and the Florida Medical Association teamed up for a study on mercury emissions. They found that power plants account for 91 percent of mercury air pollution in the sunshine state.

A spokesperson for Florida “PIRG” says Congress should push the Environmental Protection Agency to take mercury pollution more seriously.

Holly Binns says Floridians can also do their part by opposing the construction of new coal–fired power plants in the state.

“We found Florida has the eleventh highest level of mercury pollution of any state in the country, almost three thousand pounds of which if you think about it, it only takes about a gram of mercury to pollute a lake to the point where you fish aren’t safe to eat, so that’s a huge amount of mercury.”

Last week the Florida Medical Association passed a resolution urging state and local leaders to require coal fired power plants to install pollution control technology.

Mercury is a neurotoxin, which can affect the brain.