You Can Find Just About Anything on Internet Auction Sites

You can find just about anything on Internet auction sites, but the items that seem to attract the most attention are the unusual offers, like a cup of water Elvis Presley supposedly drank from.

Delorise Ping of Clarksville doesn’t have any tattoos, but thanks to ebay and Golden Palace Casino, that's about to change .

Ping says the reaction has been good.

"My boyfriend, he's supportive, he likes it. My kids are excited."

After advertising ad space for her chest on ebay, Golden Palace Casino in Las Vegas took Deloris up on the offer by winning the auction to the tune of $15,000 giving them the rights to plaster Golden Palace on her body.

Ping says some think she's crazy.

"A lot of people in my area think it's really crazy but really it's not. I mean it's not like it going to be on there for life you know. It's not going to be anything like that. We can get it removed."

But she'll still be getting a permanent tattoo next week.

Fifteen thousand dollars should help ease the pain and calm the fears of going through the process.

"I'm not really scared of needles, but I was always afraid to get a tattoo and never really thought I would get one."

As for you aspiring body advertisers, Delorise has a little bit of advice for you.

"If anybody decides to sell an ad space auction, don't give up your first time if it doesn’t sell."

It took her five different listings to cash in with Golden Palace Casino.

The Clarksville woman will be parasailing with a Golden Palace banner along Panama City Beach as part of her advertising campaign.

Golden Palace.Com is the same company that bought the half-eaten grill cheese with an image of the Virgin Mary.