Teachers Want More Than Money

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Since last May, teachers and school board members have been discussing pay increases, but there are some other issues being stirred in the pot as well.

Involuntary transfers tops the list. In the past, teachers were "repositioned" by means of seniority.

If a position was needed at another school, the superintendent would move the teacher with the least amount of experience, but things have changed, and principals can move teachers around whenever they like and with no valid reason at all.

Another topic being negotiated is step increases or "experience increases."

It's a two percent raise given by the state given to teachers who receive good performance reviews. The school district is offering a three percent raise, which includes the two percent step increase.

The teachers say the three percent offer by the school board means 171 teachers will not see any additional money, because they are already making more than the proposed offer.

Teachers are asking for a five and a half percent increase, including the step increase. The next meeting with board members and teachers is November 17 at 4:00.

Hopefully the two sides can come to some sort of agreement on the different issues.