New Orleans Police Thank Bay County

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Dwayne Scheuermann has seen firsthand the hell that has become New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina hit two weeks ago.

Dwayne is the assistant commander of the New Orleans Police Department. He and his men have been in the middle of the flooding and the desperate situation that has gripped the city.

The world saw the situation at the convention center deteriorate through the lens of the camera. Dwayne saw it with his own two eyes. The situation was only made worse by the lack of police officers.

Several of Dwayne's own men, members of the elite New Orleans SWAT Team, never showed up.

Scheuermann has been in Bay County the last three days to see his family and to pick up a few items for his troops.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office filled those orders and more. Dwayne is headed back to New Orleans with ice chests full of relief supplies, but the entire community has gone above and beyond to help Dwayne and his family.

Dwayne said one of the hardest things was to have to stop working at night when he still heard people screaming for help.

His wife Donna evacuated to Panama City Beach. She says the hardest thing for her was not knowing where her husband was or if he was safe.

The Scheuermann family is thankful for the little time they've had together this weekend, thankful for all the generosity of our area, but most of all, thankful they're all alive and well.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office is also trying to collect new boots for the New Orleans officers. Most of their boots were ruined while they patrolled in the contaminated flood waters in New Orleans.