Is Class Size Going Down the Tubes?

Republican leaders in the Florida Legislature have a new plan to kill the Class Size Amendment that was approved by voters three years ago.

They want to put a new amendment on the ballot next year that would make it easier and cheaper for local districts to meet the class size requirements.

Getting rid of that amendment has been a priority for Gov. Jeb Bush, but after several failed efforts, he's decided to take a more "hands off" approach this time.

The governor told reporters, "Some combination of providing flexibility for school districts and maintaining a commitment to lowering class sizes I think is where we need to end up, but I'm going to let the leaders in the Legislature that are involved in education policy take the lead."

The plan being pushed by House Speaker Allan Bense of Panama City would not only gut the Class Size Amendment. It would also offer pay raises to teachers. Democrats in the Legislature say they oppose changes in the Class Size Amendment, but they're outnumbered by Republicans.