New Breast Cancer Detection Machine

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Chances are, you or someone you love has had breast cancer. It is after all the second most common form of cancer among women.

Starting on Wednesday, in this area, we have yet another potent weapon in that ongoing fight against this dreaded disease.

Bay Radiology Associates, in Panama City, is now offering dedicated breast MRIs.

The state of the art MRI machine is producing faster and clearer results than the traditional MRI.

Bay Radiology says its 3-D images are like comparing a DVD player to a VCR machine.

Radiologist Technician Jennifer Valle said, "Same patient, same breast. You can see more with this one and you can catch stuff with this one you would have missed."

The dedicated breast MRI machine is the only one of its type and it's going for over $1 million; but the amount of lives it will save, are countless.

The patient lies down on the dedicated breast MRI for about 25 minutes.

And, unlike the whole body MRIs Dr. James Strohmenger, with Bay Radiologist Associates says the machines diagnose both breasts at once with no discomfort.

“The other machines that can do breasts can only do one at a time,” Dr. Strohmenger said.

He says it's similar to a biopsy, without the cutting.

Jeane Fernandez works at Bay Radiology and has for the last 23 years.

In 2006, she found herself in the shoes of her clients. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After a rough two-year battle, she says she's glad to be back and working at such an advanced office. I'm just so proud of everything we have to offer to the community that's right here at our finger tips.”

And, in all of Dr. Strohmenger's years as a diagnosis radiologist, he's thrilled to be dedicated to assisting women, like Fernandez, with the latest breast cancer technology.

If you're interested in learning more about the new MRI machine, you can call, Bay Radiology at 763-2451.

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