Election Day in Jackson County and in Blountstown

It appears Jackson County voters are happy to pay an extra half cent sales tax to build new schools and renovate old ones.

The county has been charging the extra half-penny tax for the last 10 years, but it is about to expire. Voters had to approve it again if the school district wanted it to continue.

The county mailed out ballots last month. Tuesday was the due date.

Jackson County elections officials opened the ballots Tuesday night, and here are the totals: 6,007 people said "yes," we'd like to continue paying the half-cent tax; 2553 voted "no," so the tax will continue.

This was Jackson County's first mail-in election and about 32 percent of the registered voters participated.

Meanwhile, Blountstown voters also went to the polls Tuesday to select a candidate to serve as the Ward 1 City Council member.

Phillip Hill and Ronnie N. Williams, Sr. ran against incumbent Clifford Jackson. The final totals showed Jackson picked up a total of 91 votes. Calhoun County elections officials say he is the clear-cut winner and will retain his seat on the city council. Hill got 51 votes and Williams received 25.