Sullivan Is Cancer Free

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At 8:40 a.m. Tuesday morning, doctors gave Mayor Lee Sullivan some very exciting news about his recent surgery to remove the cancer from his colon.

He hopes to use his frightening experience and give a whole new meaning to the words “public service.”

"Dr. Morris came in this morning at uh, 20 minutes to 9. That's exactly what time it was, and told my wife and I that the cancer that was in my colon, he was able to get all of that out."

Mayor Sullivan doesn't hold much back, and after facing the most difficult news of his life, that won't be changing any time soon. He wants to stress the importance of not putting off what might be unpleasant or scary like he put off getting a colonoscopy.

"I want you to know that I hid under the rocks, I was in the trees, I hid everywhere. It was nasty. I did not want to do it."

As a public figure, Sullivan wants to take advantage of his position to share some life changing lessons.

"How important taking care of yourself is in your life, and how this thing that kills so many men and women can be prevented. If you will just do this thing, and if one person went and did this because of me, that is a good thing."

Mayor Sullivan looks forward to leaving the hospital soon, though he's sure to carry the way he felt this morning home with him.

"So, it is a good day," he said.

Mayor Sullivan's pathology reports are all clear, and he is cancer free. He wants to express his gratitude for the efforts and prayers that helped him through the experience.

If you have questions about colon cancer or are thinking about getting checked, you can visit the Web site