Walton Murder

Miles Campbell is coming to grips with death of his friend, 76-year-old Webster McKinnon. Campbell used to visit McKinnon's home. Tuesday he strings a no trespassing sign across the entrance.

"He was a beautiful human being, hot tempered, but a beautiful human being and got along with everybody and tried to help everybody."

Last week Walton County sheriff's deputies responded to a missing person report at McKinnon's Ponce de Leon home. Inside they found blood and evidence of a struggle, but no sign of McKinnon. The investigation led to a couple of stolen trucks and a trip to Arkansas, where they questioned two suspects, 35-year-old Glenn Matthews and Holly Richter.

They say the couple was able to provide details that led them to a shallow grave in Okaloosa County. That's where they found Webster McKinnon's body. No one knows why McKinnon was murdered, but his friend has an idea.

"I think it was about money and could possibly been over sex too because he had quite a few visitors that would come, remain with him at the time, and some a couple days."

Glenn Matthews is charged with murder. Richter's ex-husband, William Jennings, is charged with accessory to murder. Holy Richter is only charged with grand theft auto, but could face more charges.

"I hope they catch all the people involved and they get there, just do, I really do, because you know it’s kinda ridiculous, you know, somebody would come into your home and do something like this."