Accident, Murder or Suicide?

A Walton County woman is dead after falling from her condo's balcony early Friday morning. It happened right around 4:45 AM at the Origins Condominium in the 15-thousand block on Front Beach Road, just across the street from Sharkey's.

Panama City Beach police say a 20-year- old woman tumbled from her ninth floor balcony, and hit the pavement below. She was pronounced dead just minutes later.

The woman allegedly had been living in the condo with her boyfriend for about six weeks.

Major David Humphries, Panama City Beach Assistant Police Chief, says witness testimonies indicate it was most likely a suicidal jump.

"There were some friends of the young lady that were in the room, not at the time of her fall, but prior to the time of her fall, that have given us some information that certainly leans more towards a suicide. In fact, one of them said she was possibly attempting to jump prior to this."

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