Gulf County Land Auction

A large piece of real estate in Gulf County is changing hands, giving land owner Grable Ricks a nice chunk of change!

Ricks owns Southern Forest Land Inc. He hired J. P. King Auction Company to auction off 19 parcels of land Thursday, a total of 812-acres.

The land is northeast of Mexico Beach in the "Little Wetapo Creek" area. Some of it fronts the creek.

When the auction was over, Ricks was more than $5.5 million richer, and the buyers got a pretty good deal, paying an average of $6,800 an acre.

Auctioneer Scott King said he wasn’t surprised at the interest in the land. I just think with the amount of acreage owned by St. Joe and the government, in this area specifically, there's very rarely a large tract becomes available, especially to the public and at public auction, so I think that's why you see the number of registered bidders that we had, and the desirability of it."

Twenty six registered bidders from six states participated in Thursday’s auction in Gulf County!