Bay County Remembers Sherry Olds

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Seven years ago, Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Sherry Olds was killed when terrorists bombed the American Embassy in Kenya.

She grew up in Bay County, and as a reminder of her and others killed in the line of duty, a calendar has been created in their honor.

Freedom is never free, and seven years ago, the family of Senior Master Sergeant Sherry Olds learned that the hard way.

Olds was one of 12 Americans killed in a terrorist bomb attack in Africa. Her parents deal with the loss everyday, but are comforted that her efforts are not forgotten.

The Bay County supervisor of election’s office has created a "Make Freedom Count" calendar. It's a 365 day reminder that our military, and the families of those that serve, give us 12 months of freedom each and every year.

It's just one more way for people to thank our service men and women for their ultimate sacrifice. Sherry's parents say they are pleased to see Sherry's service recognized. They feel truly honored to have had her as a daughter.

Sherry is featured in the month of August in the calendar. It's the month she lost her life. Her parents say they miss her tremendously, and their only consolation is knowing she died doing what she loved.

You can pick up the calendars at the supervisor of election’s office or the Chamber of Commerce offices, both on the beach and in town.