Eleven Deaths in Five Years at Mosley High School

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Eleven faces, five years, some strangers, some siblings, but the one thing they share in common is they all attended Mosley High School.

It was a young life taken away decades too soon, but for many students at Mosley High School, this is not their first or second or even third time dealing with death.

Junior Jennifer Medlock's death marks the eleventh death at Mosley High School in the past five years. In 2001, Logan Ransdell died from injuries of an ATV accident

Five days later 16-year-old Kendall Pippen died from meningitis. The next year, freshman David West died in a crash at Highway 77 and Mosley Drive.

In 2003, Gina and her brother Sam Redmon drowned in a steam plant canal in Southport. Also that year, Cynthia Yarbrough died when she fell asleep driving at the wheel.

One year later, Michel Cardoso died of cancer. In June, 17-year-old Logan Selby died in the hospital after his vehicle ran off the road, and most recently, 17-year-old Emily Tuthill died when a truck hit the car she was riding in during the school lunch break.

Mosley students have been through some pretty tough times, but counselors say it brings them even closer together. Students mourned Jennifer's death Monday morning at a special assembly and guidance counselors are available for anyone who needs to express their feelings about Jennifer, or any lost student for that matter.