Legal Man May Be Deported

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Danny Salvador came to Bay County seven years ago. He works at the United Methodist Church of Springfield as a youth leader, a mentor and an accomplished musician, but he may not be serving God or the church's young people much longer.

Danny and his family came to the Untied States on a visitor’s Visa in search of better opportunities.

Every two years he applied for and received an extension. That is until April, when the Philippine government ordered Danny and the Salvador family to return home within 180 days. Time's up on Friday.

His friends and fellow church members are not happy. People who know the Salvador family say they're all hardworking, productive members of the community.

Danny's daughter is a straight "A" student in the Rutherford High School IB Program.

All of the family members say they just want a chance to growth and prosper, something they could not do in the Philippines. Their friends don't want to fail them.

All Danny wants to do is find a way for him and his family to stay here in their new home. Danny has hired a lawyer who specializes in immigration cases to appeal the deportation.