Diesel Fuel Reaching Northwest Florida Ports

Fuel supplies at Florida’s ports remain steady as major fuel companies continue to deliver millions of gallons of gasoline and diesel to Florida’s ports.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Thursday reported that more than 174 million gallons of gasoline and 50.1 million gallons of diesel was in storage or at Florida’s ports for distribution throughout the state.

“The state of Florida will continue to closely monitor supply and demand to support fuel for recovery efforts and consumers,” said DEP Secretary Colleen M. Castille.

“Floridians can continue to do their part by purchasing and using fuel responsibly. Our Gulf neighbors will need the support and consideration of every consumer as they conduct emergency response activities and begin to rebuild critical infrastructure.”

Currently in the Panhandle, there are approximately 1.4 million gallons of diesel in storage, with another 840,000 gallons of diesel expected by the end of the day.

“Floridians should continue to use fuel wisely, making supplies more available to meet the needs of those communities seriously impacted by recent hurricanes,” said DEP Deputy Secretary for Regulatory Programs and Energy Allan Bedwell. “Petroleum companies are working closely with the State to bring Florida Panhandle diesel supplies back to pre-storm levels.”

For more information, visit www.floridadisaster.org.