Blountstown Police Station

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It's one of the smallest police departments in the state of Florida, but not for much longer.

Blountstown city officials say it's time to build a new police headquarters. They budgeted $250,000 for the project.

The 3,000 square foot facility will be located on the corner of State Road 20 and Highway 71, not far from the current headquarters, which has served the department for 50 years.

It's the only headquarters Police Chief Glenn Kimbrell has known, and he'll celebrate his 30th anniversary with the department this Saturday.

"I'm excited about it. Downtown is not looking as good as it needs to as in a lot of small towns. We feel like if we were to relocate in the downtown area, which is where we are right now in the center of town it might renew some interest in the downtown area," he says.

City officials will meet on October 11 to nail down a construction date. The old headquarters will most likely be demolished.