Red Tide Stretches Westward Into Walton County

If you are having trouble breathing when you get close to the Gulf of Mexico you are not alone.

The worst outbreak of Red Tide in Florida waters since 1971 has been plaguing the Gulf Coast from Sarasota to Panama City. Now, the Red Tide fish killing algae bloom has spread even further westward to the beaches of south Walton.

Water samples there are not yet complete, but the symptoms beach goers are experiencing and the dead fish scattered along south Walton?s beaches are a sure indication that Red Tide is in fact moving to gulf waters there.

Health officials say weather conditions will have a direct impact on how long the Red Tide stays around.

It does cause allergy like symptoms, such as watery eyes and it can make it a little harder for some people to breath. It can be a real irritant to noses and throats.

Experts say if you do experience breathing problems from Red Tide simple go indoor to an air-conditioned area.