Deadly Force Law Takes Effect This Weekend In Florida

Starting Saturday, October 1st, Floridians rights to defend themselves have increased significantly.

The Florida legislature passed the so call “Deadly Force Law” this past spring with a start date of October 1st.

It expands the parameters for using deadly force to protect yourself and your family. The “Castle Doctrine” takes the position their home is their castle, and they have the right to defend it at all costs.

The new law extends to doctrine to your car, your yard, even your personal space while you are standing on a street corner – virtually anywhere you have the understandable right to be safe.

Panama City State Attorney Steve Meadows says the new legislation is intended to give law-abiding citizens protections. “Protection in their home and car so they can feel comfortable knowing, should the need arise, the can act reasonably and defend themselves in any way.”

Here’s another interesting facet of the new law. If you are arrested for using deadly force on someone who claims they did not intend to do you harm, and a jury finds you innocent, you can actually sue the law enforcement agency that arrested you.