The Panhandle's Pastor, Bother Si, leaves For Montgomery, Alabama

Bay County lost a true community spiritual leader Friday as Rev. Si Matheson moved to Montgomery, Alabama to allow his family to help nurse him back into good health.

Brother Si, as everyone calls him, was greeted by many well-wishers who lined the way from his nursing home, as he left for central Alabama. “It is the memory of the good times I’ve had here that I will always remember. And the best friends I have in this world are all here in this county.”

He has preached for over 40 years in Panama City, and after his retirement he took over a small church on the beach while it was without a pastor. Then he’s preached at different churches almost every Sunday since then.

But, a hip and shoulder injury made his family in Alabama want him to come to heal. But, his legacy will live on here in Bay County.

His son, John Ed Matheson of Montgomery says he has touched so many people in his 95 years. His presence in Panama City will still be felt. “He is man of great love, as the people of Panama City have discovered. He is just a people person and he is really going to miss all of his close friends in Bay County.”

We asked Brother Si what he wanted the people of Bay County to remember about him when he drives off. He replied, “I hope they remember I paid most of my debts.”

The only debt he leaves behind in a debt of gratitude he leaves behind from a community of friends.