St. Joe May Annex Its Land Into Mexico Beach

Florida's largest private landowner may revive plans to build a new community just east of Tyndall Air Force Base.

St. Joe Company spokesman Jerry Ray says the company has discussed a possible annexation by Mexico Beach which would remove the land between Mexico Beach And Tyndall from Bay County zoning jurisdiction.

Company officials are meeting this week with state wildlife officials, a prelude to a permit request.

Jacksonville-based St. Joe once asked the county to rezone the site on the eastern perimeter of Tyndall for residential and commercial development. Tyndall is the county's largest employer.

But the company dropped its request to the county in 2002. The site is under the approach to Tyndall's main runway and near areas where
explosives are stored and tested.

St. Joe officials have maintained the site is far enough away that it wouldn't encroach on the base, but the Air Force warns it would create unavoidable noise and safety problems.