Hurricane Opal's 10th Anniversary

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Not only have people recovered from this storm, they have learned lessons that have helped them in recent storms. I spoke with people today, who were in essence, thankful for Hurricane Opal.

These calm waters hold a stormy past, one that no one wants to relive. But on this 10th anniversary of Hurricane Opal, many are reflecting on what lessons Opal taught them.

Ten years ago, St. Andrews state park was torn apart by Hurricane Opal. The boardwalks were shattered and the pier, gone.

But Bay County built back fast, and learned several lessons about weathering devastating storm.

Majka says improvements in the highway structure helps during evacuations, and internet tools have become more useful in finding better routes.

And listening is key. A decade later, during one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record, the adversity, the recovery, and the lessons from Opal, still linger.

Hurricane Opal caused more than $3 billion in damages in the United States.