Traffic Cameras Being Discussed by Many Florida Cities

There’s a fine line between red and green, and many people cross that line every day.

Many cities are looking at the possibility of adding cameras to intersections with traffic lights, which will take pictures of license plates of cars running red lights. The driver then gets a ticket in the mail.

The pros – if it works it will stop red light running and reduce accidents.

The cons – the ticket may be in your name, even if you were not driving the car, and there’s no way to prove who was driving.

Local laws would have to be amended to stipulate when the cameras are used the ticket goes to the owner of the car.

Panama City Police Chief John Van Etten it will create some controversy.

“Anytime you take the human element and go forward based strictly on technology, you are going to have issues. You are going to have problems. That is a given.”

A spot check of public opinion in Panama City Tuesday showed the idea was not sitting well with a lot of people, although some were in favor of it.

The fine in Florida for running a red light doubled October 1 to $120.