Beach Charter School Closing

Children attending Tapestry Park Charter School will have to find a new place to go to school starting next Monday.

After being opened only a couple of months, the school has decided to ask the Bay County School Board to postpone the operation of the school for one year.

Tapestry Park students will be packing up their books and school supplies this week.

A separate board manages Tapestry Park and the board members agreed Tuesday night to ask the Bay County School Board for a one-year suspension. That means parents are going to have to find alternative schooling for their children.

The charter school had about 60 students in its K-5 program and they are already starting to work on increasing that number for next year.

Mark Tanney is the Tapestry Park Board Chairman and says, “We are going to reevaluate our plans for enrollment and come back next year better, stronger and with more students.”

And, as the board was preparing to meet, the principal who was laid off last month decided to sue them. Antonius Barnes filed a wrongful termination lawsuit late Tuesday afternoon in Bay County Circuit Court.

The suit asks the court to void the actions taken by Tapestry Park as well as attorney fees, but there was no mention of monetary damages. The question now is, if the court does re-instate Barnes, what will he be principal of if the school closes for a year?