Fire Prevention Week

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It's Fire Prevention Week, and many fire departments in our area our doing their part to spread the word.

Jackson County fire and rescue is visiting every elementary school and daycare in the county this week. They're teaching the children how to dial 9-1-1, what to do if your clothes catch on fire, and how to safely escape a burning building.

The department is also partnering with the Jackson County Community Traffic Safety Team to giveaway free smoke detectors.

The traffic safety team hopes to giveaway 2,500 smoke detectors to low-income families in Jackson County.

Capt. Chuck Sawyer says, "We're going around to families that don't have smoke detectors, handing out brochures, and if they qualify we're going to issue smoke detectors probably towards the end of October."

The smoke detectors come from a federal grant. You can catch the Jackson County Fire and Rescue Department for Safety Day this Saturday morning at the Marianna Wal-Mart from 9-12.