Affordable Housing May Be in Destin's Future

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A few weeks ago we told you about a unique program to provide some affordable housing in the pricey Destin market. There have been a few developments in the program, geared towards attracting entry level professionals who might not be able to afford to buy homes of their own.

The Destin program takes advantage of grants and additional discounts, cutting the cost of a home almost in half. The city of Destin is in the initial stages of possibly offering some homes in Sugarloaf towards the Attainable Workforce Housing Program. This means that an almost $200,000 home could go for $100,000.

This week the city will be looking for potential applicants. They're asking anyone interested in the program to call the city of Destin and set up a pre-qualification appointment.

Those applicants will meet with a variety of city representatives as well as mortgage lenders.

Greg Kisela, City Manager of Destin, hopes to gain more knowledge on who will qualify.

"Our goal is to by October 31st, the end of this month, to know exactly how many people are interested, how many people have the ability to qualify to finance one of these units so that when we go back before the city council November 7th, we can speak with a certain amount of intelligence exactly what kind of demands are out there for these units."

Destin city officials will be accepting pre-qualifying applications until this Friday at 4 p.m. If you’re interested in the Attainable Workforce Housing Program, call the city of Destin at 850-650-0693 to set up an appointment.