County's New Animal Facility Just About Ready

Bay County is only a few weeks away from opening its new animal shelter.

The brand new $1.3 million facility is located just off Highway 231 in the county’s industrial park. It can house more than 200 animals at a time.

The new shelter has been in the making for over a year and should resolve animal control problems that have been ongoing for almost five years.

In conjunction for opening the new shelter the county is also tightening pet adoption policies.

Catherine Zehner is the county’s outreach coordinator and says, “The adoption system will be a little bit more stringent than people may be used to, but it has worked really well in other places in the county. It requires a background check to make sure there is no animal abuse history for the person adopting the pet.”

Although the new shelter is not officially open, it is already housing some strays. If you would like to adopt some of these pets, call Bay County Animal Control at 784-4005.