The Future of Two Newly Requested Charter Schools Remains in Doubt

Last week the Bay County School Board shut down the area’s news charter school, Tapestry Park Elementary, because of budget issues.

But could the local school board be getting ready to approve plans to build two new charter schools?

On the agenda for next Wednesday's school board meeting are two new proposed charter schools, both of which will have a long uphill battle to get approval.

James McAlister is Bay County’s School Superintendent and says, "I can say to the community that Tapestry Park Charter was educationally as sound as it could be. It's just that it developed some financial problems."

McAlister says the fact Tapestry Park shut down in the middle of the school year had nothing to do with his recommendation to deny the charters for the two new schools.

He says the charters simply do not meet Bay County's standards. A special committee set up to review the schools also agrees these two new charter schools shouldn’t get approval.

The Bay County School Board at its meeting on Wednesday could still vote to override McAlister's recommendation and that of the charter school review committee.