How Big Was That Bear? Would You Believe 500 Pounds?

The large black bear, which wandered freely without being caught for weeks, was finally captured in a trap this weekend.

The animal, which weighed just over 500 pounds, had roamed yards at night in Lynn Haven, Hiland Park and Bayou George. He was notorious for rummaging through trash cans in a search of food.

The craving for food was his undoing as he went after some honey covered dog food, which had been left in a trap this weekend by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Game officials were up bright and early sedating the big bear and checking him out before moving him to be released. They determined by the lack of a tag in his ear or any tattoos that he had not been snared before for any kind of contact with humans.

So, the exercise was to put a permanent marking tattoo inside his lip. This way if they come across him again there will be a record to trace his past whereabouts.

After testing for his health and giving him the tattoo, the big bear was taken deep into the Apalachicola National Forest where he was released into the wild.