Okaloosa Judge Improving After Being Injured in Afghan Blast

An Okaloosa County Judge says he's gradually improving after being injured two months ago in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan.

T. Patterson Maney is an Army Reserve brigadier general. He and his wife Caroline are staying in the Washington, DC area. He's receiving outpatient treatment and therapy for back, neck and head injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

He says his energy level isn't what it used to be and that's making him feel like an old guy.

Maney, a civil affairs officer and adviser to the U.S. ambassador in Afghanistan, was one of three Americans injured when the bomb detonated under their SUV on August 21 near Kabul.

He left Afghanistan shortly before its general election, which he helped plan and execute.

Maney says he'll retire from the Army Reserve when his treatment ends and return to the bench, but he isn't sure how long that will take.