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How many small town kids dream of starting a band and touring the country? In Blountstown they may have a small population, but it's home to some big stars.

From a small town in northwest Florida to appearances on MTV and VH1, the journey to stardom has had its ups and downs for the members of Socialburn.

Chris Cobb on lead guitar says, "Life is hard. We just live and songs come and songs go, and now here's the album."

Chris, Neil, Brandon and Dusty all met while they were students at Blountstown High School.

Dusty on bass guitar says, "I used to play in the marching band for Blountstown High School and play bass guitar, and Neil knew that."

They've been together for about seven years, first making a name for themselves while playing gigs in the Tallahassee area.

They released their first album about three years ago and hit the road, touring with several major alternative rock acts like Seether.

Their touring has taken them to all but four states. Despite that well received debut album, Socialburn lost its record contract when two record labels merged.

"It was a big corporate thing that went on and we ended up losing our record deal and we got a new deal with Irock, which is distributed through Universal Records."

Fans were pleased by that news and even more happy to hear about the band’s second CD released Tuesday. It's called "The Beauty of Letting Go.” Even though they're now veterans of the rock scene, when they're not on the road, the guys choose to live in Calhoun County.

Neil Allday, the lead singer, says, "We're not going to abandon the southeast. We'll be back down here. I think we got some stuff in Panama City. We'll be working something out to do over here. Maybe around Christmas for like Toys for Tots, or maybe we'll put together some kind of charity gig to get everybody out and play some music for them."

They say they still haven't forgotten where they come from.

The band will hold a release party at Floyds Music Store in Tallahassee Wednesday night. You can keep up with the group's tour dates at