Price Gouging

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The state is accusing two more gas station owners of price gouging. One of the stations is here in the Panhandle.

The Inland gas station in Chipley faces a $12,500 fine for raising gas prices almost 76 cents on September 1 as Hurricane Katrina was threatening the Gulf Coast. The gas station is owned by Southwest Georgia Oil Company in Bainbridge, Georgia.

Some consumers will welcome that news.

As gas prices go up and down like a yo-yo, the five big oil companies are posting record profits.

Exxon-Mobil posted its largest quarterly profit ever, nearly $10 billion.

Driver Bobbijoe Olsen says, "I think they have enough money. We're going through some really hard times with the natural disasters, and I think it's terrible that they playing with our lives."

"I heard before that it was them that was raising the prices on the gas so much. It was the individual store and everything. Now they’re saying that they're making so much money off of everybody. It seems ridiculous that they make money off of people's suffering."

That other gas station accused of price gouging was in Oakland Park near Ft. Lauderdale. Owners face a $2,500 fine for raising gas prices 22 cents on August 30.