Hometown Bank

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With mega banks and mergers becoming the status quo, a group of Jackson County citizens decided to take their banking needs into their own hands.

First Capital Bank in Marianna opened for business Monday morning, calling itself Jackson County's only locally owned bank.

Ninety percent of the bank's 180 shareholders are from the area. Ten businessmen from Jackson and Washington County make up the bank's board of directors.

Bank president Luckett Collins says the bank was started to give the people of Jackson County a place to bank where all of the decisions are made locally.

Luckett Collins says, "Over the past years a lot of the banks have sold out to regional banks and we just don't have a greater Marianna community bank, and that's the reason 10-11 months ago we started working together and finally it came together today."

First Capital Bank is the first locally owned bank to open in that region of the panhandle in the last 10 years.