Lee Sullivan Faces His Biggest Battle Ever

Panama City Beach Mayor Lee Sullivan has faced death many times, first serving as a Marine in Vietnam, then as a quarter of a century as a cop and police chief at the beach.

Now he's facing the possibility again. Sullivan has cancer. He made the announcement Monday morning on his television show on the Fox affiliate.

He tells NewsChannel Seven his doctors have diagnosed him with colon cancer and they are now testing to see if the cancer has spread.

They are specifically concerned that it may have spread to his lymph nodes.

Sullivan has spent the last seven years as the beach’s mayor and reportedly had been contemplating a run at Allan Bense's state representative seat next year.

He talked with NewsChannel Seven Monday and was upbeat and says he's ready to do whatever he can to beat his cancer.

Mayor Sullivan said he wanted to encourage people to go to the doctor and take the various cancer screening procedures.

His biggest hope, he says, is that his story can help save the lives of others.