Washington County Drugs

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It's been one year since Bobby Haddock was elected as Washington County's sheriff. He's had quite a few successes in that first year, and Monday Haddock announced his deputies are taking major strides in their war on drugs.

When first term Sheriff Bobby Haddock was elected last fall he promised the people of Washington County a plan to target and root out the drug dealers in the county.

Washington County Sheriff Bobby Haddock says he's going to put drug dealers in his county on notice.

"We want to send a message to those in Washington County, sell or use drugs, that we're not going to tolerate it. We're going to bring all to bare."

Since January of this year, a joint task force in Washington County has arrested at least 70 people on drug related charges. The arrest have created 145 cases, eight of which are pending a federal indictment. Sheriff Haddock says that all of the cases are related to dealing and not necessary the users.

"A third are major dealers and that's the people we're targeting. If you cut the tail off the snake it can still bite you. We're after the head. If we can go to the top then it filters down."

Chipley Police Chief Kevin Crews says if you target illegal drugs it will bring down the overall crime rate.

Kevin Crews says, "We can directly relate a lot of our theft problems, a lot of our burglary problems right back to illegal narcotics in the Chipley."

The joint task force consists of the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the Chipley Police Department. The task force is funded by a state grant.