Bay County Jail Birth Under Investigation.

Jail officials have launched a full-fledged investigation of personnel at the Nehi Road Jail annex in Bayou George.

The county's jail liaison says a pregnant prisoner repeatedly called for medical attention hours before she gave birth in the infirmary early Monday morning.

The mother, Jennifer Bozeman, was arrested in early October for failing to pay a $500 court-ordered fine. She's recovering at a local hospital and is expected to return to jail soon.

Her baby, born one month premature, has been life flighted to a Pensacola hospital.

The Panama City News Herald reports that Bozeman says she told correction officers she went into labor, but that they didn't do anything.

Roger Hagen monitors the county's contract with CCA the private company hired to run the downtown jail and Nehi Road annex. He says early indications show a procedural breakdown among personnel.